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Chartford Accounts Auditing

Chartford Accounts Auditing established in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE the fastest growing Economy in the Middle East & GCC countries

after strong and deep study of the UAE business market & through a capable team that has the Ability to go through many fields of the External auditing and Advanced Accounting services.

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We focus on the services we provide and the decisions we make, and demonstrating genuine leadership is more important to us than size or short term revenue growth. To achieve our aim to be recognized as the ‘the leading professional services firm’ we must be innovative, responsible and attract outstanding people.
Our Team have the experience of working for international clients and understand the importance of meeting a client unique requirements and exceeding their expectations for service and responsiveness.
Anticipating the client’s needs is crucial for gaining respect and confidence. Our members are able to achieve this because they actively listen to their clients and then use their knowledge and experience, together with that of their national and international team members, to respond with practical business solutions. Our members value their client relationships and are dedicated to becoming trusted advisers, helping their clients prosper through the profitable growth of their businesses.
We care about your financial performance and your growth and we work hard to build a strong relationship with you. We have proven solutions for the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face during their lifecycle (from start-up through to growth and maturity). It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, have an established business or you’ve been round the block a few times. We know what’s required to create a win-win relationship for you.


Our Values

Our values influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. Every day, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience each other and the way our clients and wider communities experience us. Our values give us confidence that we are using the same principles to help us make these decisions throughout our global organization.

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